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Blue Path pups: Hobbs & Fred

If you use positive reinforcement, you get a well trained dog and you maintain the spirit of that dog.

D. Sylvia-Stasiewicz

Petware: Longlines, Leashes, Collars, Treat vests, aprons, & bags.


My name is Kathleen Hayward, puppy raiser of beautiful puppies for service, spouse, mother, grandmother, gardener, sewist, and general problem solver. We began raising service dogs puppies in 2000. Each pup is a joy and takes a piece of our hearts with them when they leave us for formal training. They also leave a bit of themselves with us; a win win.

In 2018 I began making longlines and leashes with Biothane. Lots of people appreciate this flexible, strong, no-rot, no-stink, easy to clean, leather like material as much as I do. Interested in a custom length or configuration? Let’s talk! please email or text. Please click the PRODUCTS page for more information.

In 2020 rustic linen came to my attention and wishing for a place for lots of treats, a toy, my keys, and phone, I designed a comfortable, simple training vest sized to wear over t-shirts or sweaters and light enough for hot summer days.

2022 brought the opportunity to open at Something to Wag About, a groomer, canine enrichment and training center in Ellsworth Maine. At that store MillsPoint Goods sells treats, chews, collars, longlines, leashes, clippers, and toys to support the relationship between canines and their humans.

Come visit us in Ellsworth or contact me directly. Snug your pup!

Contact Me:

Kathleen Hayward

154 Mills Point Road
Brooksville, ME 04617

[email protected]